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Professional Services 

  • Spectroscopic techniques with portable instrumentation for in situ measurements: FORS, micro-Raman, FT-IR, colorimeter;
  • Imaging techniques: UV radiation induced fluorescence imaging; high resolution infrared reflectography (IRR); Infrared false colour imaging (IRFC); Hyperspectral imaging in the 400-900nm and 950-1650nm ranges;
  • Planning and fulfilment of neutron experimental campaign at large international neutron sources for non-invasive diagnostic analysis of historical and artistic artefacts using neutron imaging and diffraction for compositional, microstructural and morphological characterization, with particular attention to metal artefacts;
  • Support to the access to Neutron Facilities;
  • Neutron Experimental Campaign planning;
  • Neutron Data Treatment, Analysis, Interpretation;
  • Laboratory equipment for spectroscopic measurements in the UV-Vis-NIR regions;
  • Laboratory instruments for FT-IR, micro-FT-IR and micro-Raman measurements on different types of materials and with different instrument configurations.