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The SABeC research group (Spectroscopy applied to Cultural Heritage) is considered a pioneer team in the application of fiberoptic reflectance spectroscopy (FORS) technique, as well as in implementation and use of multi- and hyper-spectral imaging (MSI and HSI) devices tailored for investigation of artworks. The group has developed methodologies and protocols for the non-invasive analysis on several types of artworks, with a special focus on the study of polychrome surfaces and on issues related to their degradation. It has participated in international and national projects, as well as in several international scientific collaborations with academic, research and museum institutions.

Technical skills and competences:

  • UV, Vis, IR spectroscopy for materials identification and characterization;
  • Vis-NIR hyperspectral imaging for documentation, diagnostics & material identification;
  • Design and customization of optical devices for Cultural Heritage;
  • Colour analysis
  • Methods of multivariate analysis for data-processing
  • Museum Lighting, assessment and control and standardisation.

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