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Hyperspectral Camera

The latest frontier of hyperspectral devices relies in compactness, portability and easy-use. A novel concept of hyperspectral camera, IQ-Specim, featuring compactness, lightness and good usability, has been recently launched on the market by SPECIM, Spectral Imaging Ltd. (Oulu, Finland). The camera operates by acquiring 204 bands in the 400-1000nm range, with a final spectral resolution of about 7 nm. The novelty of the device relies in its reduced dimensions (207 x 91 x 74 mm) and weight (1.3 Kg), and a user-friendly interface, which makes this camera much more portable, manageable and affordable than conventional hyperspectral instrumentation. It can be mounted on a tripod and its optical module allows imaging of different size areas, by varying the working distance from short-distance (tens of cm) to long distances (tens of meters) with different spatial resolutions. These technical features furtherly extend the possibility of applications of HSI to new typologies of artworks, both indoor and outdoor, including large-size wall paintings, ceilings, decorative elements and inscriptions, as well as inspection small details of interest selected on the surface of quasi-flat objects. In 2016 theSABeCgroup at IFAC-CNR was selected by SPECIM as a pilot laboratory to test and check the IQ prototype performances in the Cultural Heritage fields. Today a IQ-Specimhyperspectral camera is available at the SABeClabs.

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