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Hyperspectral Imaging Scanner

At IFAC-CNR laboratories a high-performance hyper-spectral scanner prototype operating in the 400 – 1700 nm range is available. Several versions of this prototype have been designed and assembled to meet variable needs in practical applications. The spectral range extended up to 1700 nm improves the capability of materials identification as well as the possibility of revealing hidden features. The system operates with both high spatial and spectral sampling rates, providing a spectral resolution of 2.5 nm in the VNIR and 8 nm in the SWIR ranges, and high- resolution images (about 300 ppi). Hyperspectral imaging (HSI) is based on the acquisition of sequences of several (hundreds) quasi-monochromatic images registered at different wavelengths on almost contiguous narrow spectral bands. The acquired image-cube contains both spatial and spectral information From each pixel of the imaged area it is possible to extract highly resolved reflectance spectra. Statistical methods of multivariate analysis are used to map materials distribution and extract elaborated images highlighting not visible features. High spatial resolution is crucial to provide high-quality images for documentation. High spectral resolution is essential for discrimination and identification of pictorial materials.

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