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A BWTEK micro-Raman spectrometer equipped with a 785 nm laser and operating in the 3200-80 cm-1 spectral range is available at IFAC-CNR SABeC laboratories. The head is connected to the laser and the spectrometer by means of two optical fibers and is equipped with a 5 mm NIR lens and a 40X microscope objective to focus the laser radiation on the sample, resulting in a spot with a diameter of approximately 2 μm on the investigated area. The head is internally equipped with a notch filter to allow the collinearity of the output laser and the Raman spectrum input from the measurement optics. The Raman technique is applicable for the analysis of any type of material (inorganic, organic, crystalline, and amorphous) and is very useful for the identification of pigments and dyes, as well as for the identification of restoration materials and degradation products on works of art.

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